Vocalo Storytellers

Vocalo Storytellers receive training from #teamvocalo to share stories about things they care about.

Workshops are funded in part by the McCormick Foundation, the Boeing Foundation and the Field Foundation.
Vocalo Storytellers
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Arika Rogers

Why did you want to become a Vocalo Storyteller?
Well I’ve always felt like I’m storyteller at heart, so becoming a storyteller for Vocalo seemed like it would be a good experience. It has been a good experience and much more. I also wanted to learn more about what goes into producing stories for the radio so that that could be another medium I could use to better get a story across.

Your piece in 20 seconds:
My piece is basically a personal narrative. It’s about my relationship with someone that’s quite unusual.

Why did you decide to tell this story?
I always felt like our relationship could be a story. My problem has always been, will other people care? So I guess this is a way to test it and to see how people will react. This is a story for other people who have unusual romantic relationships, to show that they are not alone. It’s also for people who don’t quite understand relationships like mine, so that they may better understand it after they hear my piece.

In what ways are you a better storyteller and/or producer?
I am better in every way. I learned how to condense everything and still produce a story, I learned more things about the computer (since I’m not very technically savvy) and  much much more. But anything you can think of that a storyteller or a producer does. I’ve probably improved in it!