Vocalo Storytellers

Vocalo Storytellers receive training from #teamvocalo to share stories about things they care about.

Workshops are funded in part by the McCormick Foundation, the Boeing Foundation and the Field Foundation.
Vocalo Storytellers
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Alexander Rojas

Why did you want to become a Vocalo Storyteller?

Vocalo provides a great platform to share stories that would otherwise never have the opportunity to reach a wider audience. I wanted to share a story from a community that is often overlooked and undervalued.
Your piece in 20 seconds:

As several youth subcultures were clinging to their existence amongst a gang riddled neighborhood, a group of young punk kids broke through with a fast, loud and confrontational style of music that connected with a disenfranchised community.
Why did you decide to tell this story?

I wanted to explore how this particular style of music came to be in a community that was riddled with gangs and consumed with dance music and ultimately the effect it had on the community.
In what ways are you a better storyteller and/or producer?

Coming from a background that’s very dependent on the visual form, I found myself trying to find dialogue and sounds that created a sense of place and time that would enable the listener to visualize the words, the descriptions and the voices through their imagination.