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Vocalo Storytellers receive training from #teamvocalo to share stories about things they care about.

Workshops are funded in part by the McCormick Foundation, the Boeing Foundation and the Field Foundation.
Vocalo Storytellers
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Grant Buhr

Why did you want to become a Vocalo Storyteller?

Improving the way we relate to one another is key to building/healing community. The more well-told stories that get a platform to be heard, the better we can relate to one another. I want to be a part of that. And for me personally, I love producing audio stories because it bonds me to the people that I work with during the process. The better I get at the process, the deeper those bonds will be.

Your piece in 20 seconds:

Helen Morley was a complex and unsung hero in a relatively unknown battle – the grassroots fight for mental health care. Her deficits were often her strengths, and she brought both agitation and inspiration to those around her. This is a glimpse of her story.

Why did you decide to tell this story? I was inspired to tell Helen’s story because it calls attention to the value that mental health care consumers found in the public clinics, and shines a light on the dangers of disturbing client-clinician relationships that can take years and build. It also raises an interesting human quandary - our deficits can serve us as strengths, and vice versa, depending on the situation. Helen’s story is one of someone who wasn’t dealt many cards, but who played her hand to its fullest.

In what ways are you a better storyteller and/or producer?

I think I understand how to better interact with interview subjects, both during the interview, and while editing the tape. I feel more comfortable and confident in my voice, and feel more empowered, and less overwhelmed, by the endless amount of decisions to be made.

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